Towers of Hanoi Demonstration

A page containing the puzzle, variations, and solutions.

Wikipedia describes The Towers of Hanoi as a mathematical puzzle that has become a popular example of the concept of recursion. On this page, we have provided the puzzle, several options used to create variations of it, a method of playing these games manually, and solutions to many of the combinations. We made this program to educate, entertain, and strive for the best solutions to these variations. You can view the project on GitHub if you have feedback or contributions. Thanks for visiting.

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Special thanks to Fred Lunnon for his Java implementation I based this page on, Victor Mascolo for inventing the original Multistack Hanoi puzzle and models (U.S. patent number 7,566,057), Paul Stockmeyer and Steve Minsker for their papers on several variations as well as other contributions, Alex Munroe for his example of a custom built generator as well as other assistance, Chris Santiago for design help, James Rhodes, Ian Rahimi, and Samuel Sieb for support, and my sister, Lindsay Evans, for proposing an alternative solution to the Classic multiple stacks problem, and for being supportive with all of my endeavors.